Asian Turkey meatballs in a baking dish topped with sesame seeds and chives beside a plate of broccoli

Asian Turkey Meatballs (by Chef Savvy)

These Asian Turkey Meatballs have been a classic in our family for so long now I can’t remember a time without them! From gatherings with friends and family to easy weeknight dinners, this recipe has seen it all.

You know those foods that spark a memory every time you eat them? Well, for me every time I eat these meatballs my mind goes straight to post-piano lesson dinner, doing homework on the basement couch, which may sound super uninteresting and bland, if you will, but I think it shows how truly unforgettable these meatballs are. They’re like a favourite childhood TV show you can’t help but go back to!

If my nostalgic rambling hasn’t convinced you enough yet, here are three more reasons to make these meatballs!

Why I love this meatball recipe:

  1. They’re quick and easy to make (only 30 minutes!)
  2. You can serve them on their own as an appetizer or with rice as a meal
  3. Most importantly, they taste amazing!

I’ve never tried it, but I’m sure these would work great with ground chicken as well!

Find the Asian Turkey Meatball recipe here:

For more recipes like this, check out Kelley Simmons at She has a ton of other recipes (and lots of other meatball variations) to try!

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