Nutrition Resources

Let’s be honest, the internet can be overwhelming. The benefit of having access to an abundance of information comes with its challenges, and navigating the vast landscape of nutrition information on the web can be particularly difficult. 

Where do we look?

Who do we trust?

How do we know what’s reliable and what’s not?

As a nutrition student and future dietitian, I seek to spread reliable, up-to-date nutrition information. Here you will find:

  • reliable nutrition resources,
  • tips on navigating nutrition information on the internet (and beyond!), and
  • where to find the trusted health advice and expertise you seek.

Many of these resources have been helpful for me, and I hope they can be for you as well. Together, let’s sort out the BS and discover the value of evidence-based, credible nutrition information!

None of these resources or links are affiliated with Made by Meg in any way, nor is Made by Meg responsible for their content.