Share the Yum

Share the Yum is an ever-growing collection of favourite, tried-and-true recipes from other blogs and websites.

I am constantly inspired by all the brilliant souls in the recipe-development business, so I have created a space on Made By Meg to share their creations with you!

It’s no secret that few of us only gather recipes from one single cookbook, magazine, or blog. If you’re like me, you take inspiration from a wide variety of sources, and are always on the hunt for new dishes to add to the weekly rotation. These are the ones (like a collection of catchy songs) I always have on repeat!

Be sure to let them know if you make their recipe and give them the credit they deserve. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know many of us food bloggers welcome feedback, and thoroughly enjoy photos of your creations.

I hope you enjoy their brilliant creations as much as I do!

I’d love to hear your own tried-and-true recipes! You are welcome to share favourites with me and our community via email ( or Instagram.

Nutrition Resources

An entire page dedicated to sharing reliable nutrition resources, tips on navigating nutrition information on the internet (and beyond!), and where to find the trusted health advice and expertise you seek.