My name is Megan. Welcome to my blog! I am beyond grateful to be able to share my lifelong passion for health, wellness, and food with you.

Currently, I am a nutrition student on a journey to becoming a registered dietitian. I’ve always had a passion for food. Ever since I was young, whether I was baking in the kitchen with my mom, learning techniques from my grandparents, or creating “recipes” in my play kitchen, I’ve loved the creativity and community that comes from food. Food has the power to bring families together, form friendships, and behind all that, food is the power that fuels and nourishes us as human beings.

On this space, I hope to share my passion for health, wellness, sustainability, community, and of course food! My goal is to inspire you to create a healthy and balanced relationship with food, something we all deserve.

I am so excited to share recipes, tips, and experiences with you, and ultimately help guide you on your journey to a healthy and happy life.

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