main meals

  • Pesto Cream Pasta with Chicken & Sun-Dried Tomatoes
    (nut free, can be vegan and/or gluten free) One of my favourite local restaurants growing up used to make this amazing pasta dish called Penne..
  • Salmon Tacos with Zesty Tahini Sauce & Tomato Corn Salsa
    (nut free, can be gluten free) The great thing about tacos is how versatile they are; You can quite literally put any kind of protein..
  • Cauliflower Potato Red Lentil Curry
    (vegan, gluten free, nut free) Some of my favourite recipes are the ones where you chop up a bunch of stuff, throw it in a..
  • Lazy Veggie Lasagna
    (nut free, can be gluten free and/or vegan) This spin on lasagna is easy, packed with veggies, and a great use for leftover pasta. The..
  • Roasted Butternut Squash & Carrot Soup
    (vegan, gluten free, nut free) This creamy, smooth soup packs tons of flavour, and is a great way to incorporate squash into your meals! The..
  • Baked Chickpea Falafel
    (vegan, can be gluten free) This falafel recipe could not be easier. Just throw everything into a food processor, form into patties, and bake! Plus,..
  • Easy Homemade Cornbread
    (can be gluten free) Cornbread is definitely one of my favourite foods, and with fall on its way this recipe will be for sure on..
  • Hummus & Arugula Pizza
    (can be vegan and/or gluten free) A crispy thin crust, smothered in hummus, topped with fresh tomatoes and mushrooms, a zesty arugula salad, and a..
  • Summer Lentil Salad
    (vegan, gluten free) This salad is light, fresh, and colourful – perfect for a hot summer day! I personally don’t measure out my vegetables or..
  • Sweet Sesame Garlic Tofu
    (vegan, gluten free) This recipe has been a staple of mine for a while now. It’s super easy to whip together for a quick lunch..
  • Hearty Sweet Potato and Lentil Stew
    (vegan, gluten free) One of my favourite meals on a cloudy, gloomy day is a big bowl of stew. Specifically a bowl of sweet potato..
  • Simple Peanut Butter Sauce
    (vegan, gluten free) This simple sauce is seriously so easy to whip together and is my latest obsession. Who doesn’t love a good peanut sauce?..
  • Sweet Potato Chickpea Curry
    (vegan, gluten free) The coziest bowl, filled with plant-based goodness and a whole lot of love! This vegan stew is super simple and perfect over..
  • Pan-Fried Savoury Tofu
    (vegan, gluten free) The perfect protein-packed addition to your morning avocado toast, your afternoon power bowl, or your evening stir-fry. You can keep this simple..